Cordelia and Fred - Squee

Season Finale Time!

As sad as I am that tonight is the season finale of Vampire Diaries....I cannot express enough how excited I am! I'm already looking forward to the Season 1 DVD to come out so I could re-live all the episodes of perfect story-telling goodness. 

I haven't loved Supernatural this season, but I think they do fantastic finales.  And I can't wait to sit down and watch it tonight...especially the beginning with the season montage with Carry on Wayward Son. I hope they still continue with that tradition.

Is the Bones finale tonight too? Because that's too much heartbreak for one night!

Angel and Darla - Here For You

And the Angel marathon continues

It's been years since I've watched Angel in it's entirety. And it's interesting how my views on the characters and storylines have changed since then. I'm currently in the midst of Season 2 and there are things I've learned from my rewatch: 

1) Buffy's more enjoyable on her own show. She's fighting with Angel about Faith, and she throws in her love and trust for Riley. (?) First of all, Riley had nothing to do with the argument. Second...I understand completely why she would dislike Faith, but stop whining to Angel about it and acting all holier than thou. "I never murdered anybody." Um, okay you didn't, but you knew Angel did when he was Angelus. And you still wanted to be with him, so why the heck are you throwing that in his face now too? And third...go back to Sunnydale to Riley and your future sex toy Spike. Mmkay?   

For someone who had a bunch of sweet hotties in love with her, there were moments I seriously couldn't understand why. I remember reading a post on LJ where people were saying they actually had to change Buffy's personality in fanfic to make her more likeable. Especially in regards to Spike. But that's a whole other issue which I'm not getting into. This is an entry declaring my Angel show love. Not a Buffy bash.

2) Lindsey's hot. Hello there blue eyes.

3) Angel and Darla are even sexier than I remembered. I've always been obsessed with them, but wow. After watching Julie Benz on Dexter, I forgot how awesome she is when she's all sexual and evil. Plus Angel and Darla are one of the awesomest couples ever, and I think their story was one of the best of the series.

4) I still like Kate, but I found it incredibly rewarding when Angel finally broke down and yelled at her. (I think it was when he was on his way to see Cordelia in the hospital?) I wanted to give him a high-five and a smooch.

5) Did David Boreanaz ever complain about how he was forced to speak in that accent and wear that atrocious wig during flashbacks? Because I have no words to describe the horror.

6) It's amazing how Angel has maybe 2 facial expressions except when he's around Cordelia or Darla. Those 2 women bring out the personality in him. 

7) I forgot how much friendship is emphasized on this show. It's one of the best parts about it.


Angel - Ditzy Hero


*Good evening. It's raining here. A lot.

*I'm watching an Angel marathon.  Right now, the worst episode EVER is playing: I Will Remember You where Buffy comes to visit.  I dislike it in so many ways:

1) Buffy's always in danger. Why did Doyle suddenly have a vision now? So contrived to have Buffy and Angel reunite.
2) I enjoy Angel and Buffy going through relationship turmoil rather them being in an actual relationship. But even I think the end of the episode was a low blow. Just a big old mean tease for the shippers.
3) I don't know if I just outgrew them, but Buffy and Angel don't have the best chemistry here. Especially after watching Angel and Cordelia get closer as the season progresses. Plus Buffy is like the size of Angel's arm.
4) Buffy as a character kind of annoys me. I love what she stands for, and her funny quips. But for some reason, each time she visits Angel in LA, she just irritates me even more.

By the time I finished writing this list, I have already skipped to the next episode.

*I LOVE VAMPIRE DIARIES!! I will keep promoting this show until I get new watchers. Do you like vampires? Do you like sexy vampires? (Sexy vampire brothers in fact who have parallels to Spike and Angel) Do you like intense and rich storytelling at a delicious pace that keeps you wanting more every time? Then this show is must watch.

Plus the love triangle (between a beautiful and likeable human girl and the two vamp brothers) is awesome because you can't help but root for both sides. Whoever she ends up with is a win because there's chemisty and love all around.

I know that sounded kind of cheesy, but it's late and I'm tired. But's easily one of the best-written and well-developed shows on television right now. And even if vampires aren't your thing, the relationships and the complexity of the characters make the show stand out even more.


Booth - Found

Thursday Night!!!!!!!!!!

I love Thursdays. They've always been an awesome going out night or a great television night. Tonight the TV wins.

*Whoever decided to pair up Vampire Diaries and Supernatural back to back? I love you. You're a TV genius.

*The Office - kind of meh this season, but there's been a few gems this season. The wedding and baby episodes to be specific.

*Private Practice - some of the characters annoy me, and the fast forward button really comes into handy. But the cases are usually extremely awesome, and I'll always like Addison. Grey's Anatomy and I have broken up with no sight of a reunion.

*Bones - where are you???????????

Spike and Buffy - A Love Story

Random Drive-By

*Has anyone ever taken Yoga classes? If so, any specific type of Yoga? I've taken a class once, and I was so bored, I could have fallen asleep. But granted, it was early on a Sunday morning so that could have been it. Plus, I've heard it's very relaxing, so I would like to try it again.

*Re: Supernatural - Um, Sam and Ruby are engaged in real life? What? When the heck did that happen?! I'm They do make a hot couple, but I'm just shocked because I had no idea. I was on some hollywood website and he was spotted in Vegas this weekend celebrating his bachelor party. For a second, I thought i was reading fanfiction.
Dean - Pretty Eyed Boy

I Dream of Dean

I love Supernatural. Seriously, this show is just awesome. I'm planning a mini-marathon before bed later.

And I had a dream that I was dating Dean Winchester. Not the actor, but the character. And damn, was I pissed off when I woke up this morning (numerous times may I add, since I kept falling back into the same dream) .
Bosco - You Kinda Sway

Random TV thoughts for the Week

*Dexter - Anyone on my flist watch this? Because it gives me knots in my stomach every time, especially since I never want to see Dexter get caught. Ever. I don't know what that says about me as a person.

*30 Rock - my new favorite show. But I have a tendency to fast-forward through the scenes that Tina Fey and/or Alec Baldwin aren't in.  I don't mind the supporting cast, but they don't grab me the same way Liz Lemon and her quirky ways do.

*True Blood - there are so many things wrong/annoying/gross with this show, I can't even begin to list them. Yet, I still enjoy watching it.  I blame the marathon I got stuck watching on Thanksgiving at my mother's friends house.  Now I'm sort of hooked.  I guess my love for all things vampire is stronger than I thought.

*Desperate Housewives - Okay, who is that little munchkin that plays MJ, Mike and Susan's son? I want to take him home with me! He's so freakin' cute!! *Reaches into TV and squishes his sweet little face*

*Grey's Anatomy - McSteamy is really good-looking. Seriously, it looks like his face was drawn to perfection by a really talented artist.  And Dr. Bailey is a great character. Aside from Alex, I think she's the best written one on the show.

*House - Cuddy and House. Hot, hot, hot!

*Beverly Hills 90210 - I watch the original ones on Soap Net, and Jason Wiles is currently on as Colin. I can't believe how young he looks! Watching him on TV made me so nostalgic for Third Watch all over again.

*Mad Men - I miss you. That is all.
Grey's Anatomy - Glares and an Eyeroll


Remember all the squeeing and rekindled love I've had for Grey's Anatomy this season? Um, well....I'm about to take it all back.


In other TV news (without mentioning spoilers because I'm too lazy to make an LJ cut) the scene in last night's 'Bones' with a certain character shoving another character off a chair...was one of the most delightful things I've ever seen. I practically giggled my way off the couch.